Aug 18, 2009

i am nobody


It has been a while since the last time i write something on dis blog.keep busy-ing myself wif lots of stuffs i.e courseworks. Ya Allah, please help me outta of this keep-burdening-me things.

phoned my mother for the first time last nite since last week i went home.n i am kinda really miss her damn much.she did told me 'bout my kind of pain at his chest n has been admitted to the hospital for couple of days.guess it is the effects of smoking habit during his youth, please get well soon.i totally miss has been sometimes we've not met each other.n i am really looking forward to see you n hv breakfasting during this so-soon turning holidays ;)

through the phone.i could hear my elder sister brawling over my sis.maybe it is 'bout food matters,i guess.siblings,afterall~

uda,my 2-years-younger-than-me bro is now having his precious funtimes at home cause the school has been closed. for H2N3 precautions indeed.not being jeolous actually because i already have mine too,bro.n i guess dis is the best time for you to studi for your exam.big time,bro.take dis oppurtunity wishes for your coming exam.strike for RXZ ok.haha ;))

nothing much 'bout me.just rite now i am totally dozzed off real quick recently.i couldnt stand my eyes for longer time.(byk gler setan).i am totally freak 'cause nothing much i could do if i went off.really hate dis habit.

but for god's sake.there is much2 more assignment coming through all the way,chasing over my precious,lil big more more more more 'pbsm'-persatuan balik stiap is time for real things.big deals,guys.jeez~

i am hoping that dis two years really work out n worth it.

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