Oct 28, 2009

It is stated


My highly gratefulness to the Almighty Allah for giving me chances to write on my blog again..

Mood: Feels overwhelmed and blastful bcoz i am having such a super-duper-sporting classmates dat really support me.. u guys rules! :)
thnx for ur understanding guys, for cheering me up whenever i am feeling down.. doing the homework together, finding the materials for presentation.. imitating cikgu2 same2, share stories, gossipping.. flirting over girls (tp aku tgk je la).. breakfasting together, karaoke-ing to the heart content together, having after-dinner meals at the food court together while stori2 smbil tgk tv.. mmg best! sgt2 best!
thnx for the concerns and cares too.. all i should say is i much appreciated it.. :)

Nonetheless, a huge condolences i bid to family of Allahyarhamah Izaifah.. eventhough i might not be so close to Arwah back in school time.. But my prayer is always be regarded to Arwah..
may Allah blessfulness and loves will always be along with Arwah..

"My TOK teacher is quiet strict in giving marks to the students"..
ok, i can consider this as a research question statement.. it may be not invalid.. but as far as this concerned, i am quite sure that it might be true.. for example, from the survey dat i done to the other class (probably of the same teacher).. there are a few only that passed the presentation, i shall say, it is very rare (u can count using ur fingers?).. so hard to get higher marks.. sometimes i get doubt n envy with the other class who managed to get higher marks.. even up to 19/20.. wtf?!
N u know wut, my group haven't presented yet.. still searching on the appropriate information that meets and fulfills the TOK requirement.. wish me luck next week :)

dats all for now.. i can see my eyes is getting smaller and smaller.. :)

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achikurosales said...

salammm yami. la tahzan. cheer up dear!~