Oct 24, 2009

self-delusion is a legitimate form of solace


Things are going to change.. i'm not gonna let dis thing turn me down and wrap me up.. i've to be strong and well-persevered.. plz O Allah.. help me! i'm begging U.. n one thing dat i always believe in.. everything dat sooo happen to me are all got its own reasons behind it.. n i'm hoping for some miracles.. i just have to wait for it..

Okay, IELTS is getting on my nerve right now.. n i am pretty scared to sit for the exam since i find me is smokin terribled in English.. really2 feel bad about dis.. :(
n IELTS test is less than half and a week to go..

Mak! i really2 miSs u... i wanna u be by my side rite now.. i need u to face through dis.. n it's really killing me..

Right now, i am doing some stats on topic bla bla bla.. n it is quiet hard for me.. after flipping thru pages over and over again (bcoz i hardly remember the formula).. i got fed up.. n so here i am now, writing on my blog.. :)

Sometimes, in life.. we have to see things from various perspectives.. whenever we want to judge people, pointing out our opinions or give comments.. we have to consider different views.. not only judging from one side, but also balance it up with another side.. n thats what we call no BiAs!

N dats all from me.. gotta get on my stuff rite now before i get scolded by teacher coz not finish up the homework..

Hey dude, i got plan for tomorrow - a trip to Birdpark. :)

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