Oct 21, 2009

thru the rain


I did posted somethin yesterday.. but it wont last any longer bcoz i've purposely deleted it..
(sangat suke).. i did this bcoz i dun want neither me or you would feel lamented and torn over the crappy words dat i'd emotionally wrote..
n last nite i suddenly freaked out (for reasons definitely..) seeing things on the screen dat really hurts me so bad.. n i just can't find the best words to describe wut i felt.. all i know is when a pure, warm n full of koyakness tears streaming down my cheek... wetting over my face..
fortunately, i remembered me sticking in front of the laptop since the Maghrib prayer till now..

not to delay, i performed my Isya' at 3 a.m.. luckily i didnt dozed off yet.. then, i did tahajud prayer.. i just couldnt resist n i can see me cried to my heart's content in front of HIM.. and i felt like as if He was there, listen to every single words dat came out from my mouth.. every sighs, thoughts and tears dat i bear, i'd let them all go away..

And i noe He is the most ever since such an obedient shoulder for me to rely on..

Today, I got some news from my frens.. literally more to gosippin I guess..
and to my surprise.. someone dat i knew before dat such an introvert, hard-to-hear-words-coming-from-his-mouth, very shy-sampai-down-to-earth person (jage pndangan kot).. suddenly fall over a girl, gasping so hardly for un-ended lovey dovey thingy.. everything can happens if HIM permits it..
n I shall say.. wut a world peeps... :)

IELTS class has started rolling into KMB students' packed-schedule.. n dis has triple-ing the workloads dat each one of us hv to deal with in order to FLY away from IB..
n i find me is devastatingly horrible in English, i should say..
so, i figure out to spend more time writing in my superb blog.. as to improve my language and corrects wut is wrong.. (correct me if i'm wrong)

N i shall say i'll be meeting you again after dis, very sooner... :)

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d i e r z h a said...

i'm pretty satisfied with myself..