Oct 10, 2009

To be sexy, beautiful and womanly

What is feminine?

Feminine is what each woman feels when the man she loves like no other is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful, knockout, deadly gorgeous women, but he comes up to her, snuggles her from behind and whispers in her ear that "she" is the most beautiful in the room and "they" can but only wish they ever achieve her standard...

Feminine is what a woman is when she gives birth; on the outside she may be all worn out and sweaty and beat up because of the labour, but on the inside (which is automatically transformed at that very moment to the outside) she is caring, loving, beautiful, sweet, tender, possesses great strength but is nurturing and knows the deepest and fullest meaning of the word.. Love ... when they hand her, her new baby.

Feminine is that woman that watches her daughter or son being married and stands with tears welling up inside but is so damn happy and wishing for the best for them. That loving feeling exudes to her outside and she carries herself with pride and self esteem... totally feminine.

Feminine is a woman that has just fought a battle with cancer and lost all of her hair to chemo, but walks into a room and makes everyone turn to see the beauty that even a contender of deadly force cannot take from her.

is a woman that is independent enough to know about maintaining vehicles, mowing fields, planting trees, using power tools, but can make any man she is in a relationship with weak in the knees with a crooked smile and a wiggle while she turns to walk away.

Feminine is a woman that lives her life to the fullest, who enjoys thrills (rides, hikes, freefalling) who can cook up the meanest, badest, finest supper for her entire family, but knows also how to dim the lights, bring out the chilled wine, turn on some soft music and hold the man of her desires close enough to start a fire so hot it will bring them both to tears of joy...

is quiet strength with soft edges and corners and wonderfully great to cuddle and snuggle with... she is self confident, nurturing, caring, loving, tender when those emotions well up, but she can also stand on her own two feet, take care of herself and her residence, but "chooses" to share those awesome things and chores with a totally wonderful masculine man....winkey winkey.

She is Woman!

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