Feb 8, 2010

light will guide you

once, i hv been thinking about dis matter.

"mak, org want to go shoppin dis chinese new year. huargh, last saturday u went to kl, i know i couldnt follow u. it's all because of the works! mak, org are going to miss the sales, the discounts n all dat shits (no, i dun say 'shit' to my mom) cause u say we have to go for 'keluar 3 hari' during cny. so sad, mak! "

ok, dats me. n definitely thats not the thing for u now. got nothing to do with ur life, totally. why u wasting ur money? u could have done something that could ensure ur way to Him. why u so eager to slave urself to this horny world flooded with all the kenikmatan n so ever. does all that things will sure ur path to the Jannah?

what's other things that more important than Allah, The Almighty?

ok, i get ur point. now i remember. i realised. thank you, heart.

went to see teacher in the morning.. but, teacher a bit emo today... i guess i'm not lucky dis time... till now still thinking bout it... n i hv to reconcile back my tok essay... it's all went messed up (ok, exaggerated..)

plus, no more harsh words, unless needed.