Feb 9, 2010

aku mahu kau tahu

i rarely talk about my friends in dis blog ><

so, here it goes...

specially dedicated to tanpa-korg-sapela-aku friends - didi, ain, azie, achik, hajar, haulah, sab, fiza...

i just cant seem to find word to express how lucky i am to hv u as my besties, here in kmb. too many things we had gone through together.

we stay up late at nite to finish up works
we study during the exam
we share stories
we gossip about people
we laugh at people
we imitate others
we share feelings
we talk about boys
we heal our heart after breakup
we make noises
we eat, drink, sleep, pray, take shower(?)
we wake up late in the morning
we late for classes
we break fasting
we do maths
we play pepsi cola
we enjoy ourself at outdoor gym
we go for madness shoppin sales
we fight, we insult, we mad
but in here (heart)..
we care, we love, we are together

its all that makes me alive till then.

thank you, u guys really make me appreciate more about life.

and it would be great if someone could sing to me kotak hati with acoustic guitar, seriously.