Feb 19, 2010

selamat malam syg

i wanna go home. where i belong. i wanna have your attention. your love. your miracle hands tangled over my body. your eyes looks deep down into mine. you listen to my heart. to answer to my feelings. its all i need. can you?

yes. im pretty sure you can. my existence always fill inside your pure heart. you worry about me. you keep thinking about my condition. u just cannot lose me. and my soul just can feel it. cause i am your daughter :)
(what are you thinking, huh people? no boys for the moment for sure)

things are getting loathsome i shall say. i just dun know. my heart is somehow has two separate life. which i could not define its feelings. totally a complete mess and confusing. i cant bear it anymore. its killing me from inside. apparently.

i have send in my IA. the very final of finals. its feel just like heaven. no burden to shoulder. no more sleepless night.
nothing to bugging me around. afterall, i just have done it people.

but wait. my nerves are getting significantly depressed over IB thingy.
the exam. to be precise. yes. i should focus on revision. left behind all those wobbled things. and make the most of myself. find the better of me. i wanna fly.