Feb 14, 2010

He picked me to be among 'em for awhile

Yes. im dying. terribly lost in the very own world. im no one. and i hv no one. im just far away. gone for too long. i lost in the middle of the way. i cant find my way back. and now i come across to my conscious mind. i find the ultimate meaning why human were created. to perform the duty toward their Creator. back to the only One. back to His guidance. can i be like those who were promised by the Jannah? shine by the light. exposed to the people where we could talk about His ability, great power. i need a place. to give me the wisdom. to show me the way. to enlighten me whenever im stuck in the dark. yes. i really need You. i need Your blessing. to flood me with Your true love. to fill my heart with sakinah. to have the persistence faith towards You. i know You will not let me indulge in this dreamy world. gasping so hardly as if i was drowning so hardly in the middle of thousands of ripples of waterflows. im looking for You inside my blackened heart. i need to wash away the moments where i totally forgetting You. i need to cleanse my sins. i need to reborn. i need to have You. i need You, indeed.

Bless, Guide, Enlighten me Ya Rabb.