Mar 27, 2010

Lee Seunggi

Ho-yeah! I will now introduce to you 23-years-old young man who is currently being popular in South Korea for his successful achievement in singing, acting, MC-ing and become CF for promoting products. Check this out!

co-host with Kang Ho-Dong in 'Strong Heart'
in his first debut as an MC

co-star with Han Hyo-Joo in 'Brilliant Legacy' which
has been ranking as the most popular drama for SBS

BL promotion at japan...both the lead actor n actress
he is just so SMART!

1 NIGHT N 2 DAYS is awesome!

he looks more on his age in this wearing, and still adorable

his stunning SMILES
makes all the girls heart melting

his cute dimple on left cheek

become CF for pizza hut at korea

A 'celebrity' student who finally graduated with success

singing 'Will You Marry Me'
and i heart this song so much :)

won best actor for several times

most importantly, he is 182cm tall o-yeah!

hehe.. saranghae seunggi oppa! :)


Syazwan Harun said...

muka die cam aku

d i e r z h a said...

die lagi comel dowh. lol-lipop